Nuhubit Software Studios LLC develops educational games for mobile platforms. We believe it’s important to conceive, design, and build games that are both really fun to play and really good at teaching. Our mission is to do that over and over again.


Games and play are natural human drives, representing, perhaps, the oldest and most natural way to learn. We wish to harness this power to improve our players’ mastery of things they want to learn, and their enjoyment of the learning process increasing their quality of life.


Nuhubit’s apps teach important concepts and skills in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) disciplines. We are willing to consider any idea for a game that cleverly reinforces important material while providing an enjoyable experience, regardless of the age, level, or field of study of the player. The more important the subject matter, the more likely we are to produce the game. That’s why our first game is intended to make fractions easier by providing factoring practice. Fractions are an important, and often troublesome topic in primary level math education.


Our strategy is to produce a series of games through which practicing is fun. This allows us to focus on a wide range of possible educational topics, in support of our mission. We produce apps for smartphone and tablets because they are the preferred platforms of many of the students that we most want to help.


Right now our first game, Bubbly Primes, is available on the App Store. Future educational games will be sold through the most popular App stores for each platform, so look for us in places like Apple’s App Store, Google Play, & Amazon.com.


Developing software takes a lot of dedication, energy, and time. If you are impatient for a game to come out, you can always join our newsletter for the most recent updates on how things are going. You might also consider contacting us if you are interested in beta testing.

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If you have a specific question, please send it our way. Our FAQ has the answers to some interesting questions. Our Blog addresses some interesting ideas. If you’d like to sign up for our newsletter, we’ll send you a friendly email once in a while. Don’t worry about us overwhelming your inbox – we don’t believe in that kind of thing; our focus is making good educational games.

Skill - Knowledge - WisdomCompany Summary

Nuhubit Software Studios LLC

Educational Game Developer & Publisher

Industry: Education. Although it competes in the Education Industry, as an app developer it is a technology company that also participates in the creative economy.

Customer Service: (661) 505-8556 (Please leave a message, and a way to reach you.)

Headquarters: Newhall, CA

Size: Small (less than 10 employees)

Founded: 2015, Newhall CA

CEO: Alex Bozman

Ownership: Private