Educational Gaming Credo

Skill – Knowledge – Wisdom

The world always needs more good educational games.

Some kinds of knowledge lend themselves best to free exploration; for other kinds of skills, you can’t beat old-fashioned drill and repetition. While even providing a mere “sugar coating” for worksheets and flashcards can be effective, good educational games go so much deeper than that. However, it takes an unusual and special combination of talents in fields as diverse as pedagogy and game design to create the right learning environments for a variety of topics and learning styles. When put in the right hands at the right place and time, great educational games can produce amazing results.

An educational games company - Nuhubit Software Studios LLC

Our educational games are important because:

  • Every minute someone spends playing one of our games is a minute well spent. We’re proud to say that the more people that play our games, the better.
  • Our games teach important topics and skills in areas where students usually need more help.
  • We develop our games as mobile apps, because that’s where the students are.
  • We don’t make compromises between education and entertainment; we make them reinforce each other.

Our educational games are unique because:

  • We’re lucky to posses a rare and valuable combination of talent in both education and game design.
  • Our commitment to craftsmanship and working by hand makes us unique, especially in this day and age.
  • We treat games as an interactive digital art form.
  • We insist on high technical standards. For us, education is a “mission critical application,” and technical glitches can interfere with students’s success.

Our goal is to produce good games of real educational value and genuine fun.
Our mission is to do that over and over.

Become a whiz at factoring and prime numbers. Bubbly Primes, a math game for ages 7 and up, is now available in the App Store.

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